Honeywell Label Printers & Print Modules


Honeywell PX940
Honeywell’s PX940 Industrial Printer a high performance label printer with integrated label verification for error-free printing.  It is ideal for for applications that require high precision printing such as pharmaceuticals and healthcare, along with regulated applications where charge-backs may occur with unreadable bar codes.  The PX940 instantly checks that barcodes and notifies the pass/fail status as well as the ANSI grade.

The PX940 is available with out the verifier as an option.  Both the verifier version and non-verifier version feature an all-metal print mechanics, easy printhead and tool-free platen roller replacement, and predictive maintenance.  The smart printing capability allows users to configure and print without the need for a host computer.

Key features of the PX940 are:

  • •  ANSI Verifier built in (optional non-verifier)
  • •  Up to 600 dpi print resolution
  • •  Precise print registration up to +/- 0.2 mm (0.00079 in)
  • •  Supports multiple print languages
  • •  Smart Printing capability
  • •  Simple to maintain with quick change printhead, tool-free platen roller replacement and predictive maintenance

PX940 Data Sheet

M-Class™ Mark II

Honeywell M-Class™ Mark II printers (formerly Datamax) are compact, industrial printers that offer outstanding value and a broad range of features.  They are powerful enough for warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and retail applications, while being compact enough for space limited areas.  The modular and flexible design enables simple maintenance and parts replacement as well as field upgrade options.

The M-Class™ Mark II series print labels up to 4.25″/108 mm wide and feature a range of print qualities and speeds.  The M-4206 and M-4210 print at 203 dpi with speeds up to 6 ips and 10 ips respectively.  The M-4308 prints at a higher resolution of 300 dpi with speeds up to 8 ips.

Key features of the M-Class™ Mark II Series are:

  • •  Compact footprint
  • •  Rugged construction
  • •  Multi-lingual menu
  • •  Versatile media compatibility
  • •  RFID support on select models
  • •  Easy to navigate LCD display

M-Class Data Sheet

PM Series


Honeywell’s PM Series (formerly Intermec), including the PM43, PM43c, and PM 23c, is a mid-range industrial line of label printers suitable for a wide variety of labeling applications.  The PM43 and 43c are capable of printing up to 4.25″ at 203 dpi  while the PM23c can print up to 2.5″ wide at 406 dpi.   These printers are available with a tamper-proof color touchscreen with 10 languages built in or an icon based keypad.  The PM Series features Wi-Fi and Cisco® CCX certifications, with additional Bluetooth® connectivity. Every printer ships with Ethernet connectivity, as well as network protocol IPv6. Additionally, the PM Series enables ZPL II print language emulation as well as Honeywell’s Smart Printing capabilities (C# and fingerprint).

Key features of the PM Series include:

  • •  Up to 12 ips print speed
  • •  Up to 406 dpi print resolution
  • •  2″ and 4″ models
  • •  Precision Print
  • •  Metal construction
  • •  Integrated web interface for easy set-up and monitoring

PM Series Data Sheet

A-Class™ Mark II

The A-Class™ Mark II print modules, used in FOX IV’s 6300 and 6900 series label printer applicators, are designed for high-demand applications requiring fast throughput and proven reliability. They include features such as stainless steel hardware components, a modular design for enhanced serviceability, versatile ribbon assembly, a full graphics display,  and intuitive menu navigation.  A-Class™ print modules are available in 4″ or 6″ print widths with 203 or 300 dpi print resolution on all models as well as 406 or 600 dpi resolution on 4″ models.

Key features of the A-Class™ Mark II Print Modules are:

  • •  4″ or 6″ print widths
  • •  Choice of print resolutions
  • •  Durable stainless steel cabinet
  • •  Large graphical display
  • •  6′ remote display option
  • •  Printhead performance diagnostics
  • •  Expandable memory
  • •  RFID options available
  • •  Modular design for easy service

A-Class Data Sheet