Zebra Label Printers & Modular Print Engines

Zebra ZT 600 Series

Zebra ZT600
The ZT Series is Zebra’s latest in their series of quality label printers.  The ZT600 Series includes the ZT610 and ZT620 printers.  These printers combine rugged durability with their full-metal enclosures and heavy gauge structural components with a user-friendly, future-ready platform.  A brightly lit 4.3″ full color touch display makes navigating the printer settings and status alerts simple.

The ZT610 features a 4.09″/104 mm print width with 203, 300, or 600 dpi print resolution.  With highly precise registration and print line adjustment, labels as small as 3 mm high (length) can be printed for applications including circuit boards, chips and miniature components.  It is also ideal for shipping, inventory, variable information, and optional RFID label printing.

The ZT620 features wider width printing up to 6.6″/168 mm and print resolutions of 203 and 300 dpi for wider label applications.  Like the ZT610, the ZT620 allows comunications, media handling, and other upgrades in the field.

Other key features of the ZT600 series include:Zebra Business Partner

  • Long-life printheads
  • Color coded components
  • Quick change printheads
  • QR Codes for trouble-shooting
  • Fused upper and lower media sensors

ZT600 Series Data Sheet

Zebra ZT 200 and ZT400 Series

Zebra ZT 200 Series
The ZT200 Series offer a small footprint with tool-less standard component maintenance in a durable design. Built for light industrial and commercial environments, it is easy to use, versatile and an outstanding value.

The ZT400 Series is available in 4.1″/104 mm (ZT410) or 6.6″/168 mm (ZT420) print widths.  The are available with a factory- or field-installable UHF RFID encoder. They have multiple connectivity options including Bluetooth® and Ethernet.  Print resolutions of 203 dpi and 300 dpi are available on either model; however, the ZT410 with 600 dpi resolution can print with precise registration for small label applications.

ZT400 Data Sheet

Zebra 220 xi4

Zebra xi4 Series Industrial Table Top Printers
The rugged, industrial design of the xi4 Series provide durability, consistent quality printing, long life and unparalleled reliability even for demanding applications.  The wide 8.5″/220 mm print width, there suits large label on-demand labeling applications.  It is designed to be user friendly with multi-lingual displays, various connectivity options, early warning systems. 

Key features of the xi Series are:

  • •  Flexible connectivity including simultaneous parallel/Ethernet
  • •  On board diagnostic tools and adjustments to ensure optimum print quality
  • •  Advanced ribbon- and media-low LCD/e-mail alerts
  • •  Easy to use LCD screen and customizable navigation

Zebra ZE500 Print Modules

ZE 500 4" and 6" Print and Apply Modules
The ZE500 series print modules, used in FOX IV’s 6250 and 6900 series label printer applicators as well as competitive printer applicators, take an innovative approach to OEM print engines.  Leveraging customer research, the design focuses on ease of use, integration and servicing. Built with the customer in mind, the ZE500 is designed to keep mission-critical print-and-apply applications operating with no interruptions.  The ZE500-4 can print up to 4.1″/104 mm wide while the ZE500-6 can print up to 6.6″/168 mm wide.

Key features of the ZE500 Series are:

  • •  Quick change rollers for simplified maintenance
  • •  Modular drive system for ease of repair
  • •  Remotable LCD  display
  • •  Expanded connectivity
  • •  RFID availability
  • •  Easy to remove and replace





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