Automated Label Application Methods

How do you automatically apply labels? With the right application methods!

Because there are different products and materials that labels have to adhere to, there are different application methods to apply Shipping Labeling tamp application methodslabels.  The most basic and common application method is the tamp.  The tamp method is a contact method of label application where the label is feed onto the tamp pad and placed onto the product via the tamp cylinder extending.

Other common methods of label application include tamp-blow, for labeling delicate surfaces with a high degree of accuracy, blow-on, for labeling delicate surfaces at higher rates of speed, and two-panel labeling such as wrap-around and adjacent panel.  FOX IV can also provide wipe-on labeling and custom designed label application systems for unique applications.

FOX IV incorporates many different application methods into their label printer-applicators and label applicators to suit different applications.