Case Story – Portable Print and Apply for Case Labeling on Production Lines

Features and Benefits

• Intermec printing technology with Fingerprint programmability enabled FOX IV to modify the systems to meet needs

• Ability to move print and apply systems to random production lines without plugging in
to data lines.

• Large 16″ OD label roll capacity for extended production

• 300 dpi print resolution for clear, concise print

FOX IV’s ability to code in Fingerprint
enabled the customer to move the Intermec-based print and apply systems to any line
that was being used for production that day without having to reload label formats.

















A FOX IV Intermec-based Print and Apply system places the bar code label on the side of each case of glassware.



The American production facility of a large international glassware brand needed labeling systems that could move to a random production line without having to download a new label format at the line.  There were no data connections at any of the production lines.


Customer needed to print and apply case labels to boxes of glassware.  Their facility had over 15 production lines.  The specific product being manufactured on any given day determined which conveyor line will be in use.

The customer did not want a print and apply system dedicated to each conveyor line; rather, they wanted to be able to move the labeler to the conveyor line that was running at the time.  Unfortunately, there were no data communication lines run to each production line.


Temperature controlled factory environment.  No data communication lines at the conveyor lines.  Electric and air available.


Originally, FOX IV supplied 4452 Standard Intermec-based print and apply labeling systems with 300 dpi print resolution.  The Intermec printing technology included the Fingerprint language.  FOX IV used Fingerprint to modify the 4452 to be able to hold a label format even if the labeler was disconnected and turned off.

The customer set up a data import station where the print and apply systems would receive the label information.  Since the labelers were mounted on stands with casters, they were able to be easily moved from the data import station to the conveyor line and from one conveyor line to another, if necessary.  Once the labeler was disconnected from the data station, it would be turned off, unplugged, and moved to the conveyor line where it would then be connected to the electric and air lines.  The data format would be ready to go upon start up.

In their most recent purchases, the customer wanted the 4452’s to be WiFi enabled so that they would be able to transfer label formats without having to utilize the data import station.  In order to accommodate the WiFi request, FOX IV sourced an external wireless device to work with the labelers and provide WiFi capability. Since the newest units are WiFi enabled, they do not need to hold the label format as it can be transmitted wirelessly.


Between 2004 and 2019, FOX IV has supplied approximately 20 labeling systems:

4452S  Print and Apply Systems with

  • 16″ OD label roll capacity for extended operation
  • Intermec printing technology – 4″ print width
  • 14″ length applicator arm
  • Wireless Kit (recent purchases)
  • Tamp applicator pad
  • Photosensor for product detection.


Modification to Initial Labelers utilizing Fingerprint

Sourcing and integration of WiFi device

Training and Installation