Modification to Labeler & TwinPrint® Print/Apply Streamlines E-Commerce Shipping Line


An on-line maintenance, repair, and operations products distributor needed to add automated sequentially numbered  9 digit Code 128 “license plate” labeling to their shipping lines along with automated packing list/shipping labels.

Each license plate label corresponds to the order inside the shipping box.  The customer uses two different sized boxes.


Each box was to be labeled with a sequentially numbered license plate label.  There were two different sized boxes with separate line codes.  The license plate label would then be scanned and a middleware software provided by the integrator would determine the shipping method and shipping label information as well as send order information for the packing slip.  A dual sided packing slip/shipping label would be printed and applied to each box.


Temperature controlled factory environment.


FOX IV provided a 6954 PLC controlled label printer applicator for each license plate labeling line as well as our patented TwinPrint® dual sided label print and apply systems for the packing slip/shipping labels.

FOX IV’s in-house engineering department modified the 6954 programming to include password protected sequential numbering functionality directly in the print and apply instead of using an external source such as a workstation. This eliminates additional equipment at the line and enables equipment flexibility.  The license plate label format is stored in the print and apply system.  The operator selects the line code according to the box size and enters the initial sequential number along with the machine orientation.  The sequential number is automatically incremented by one with each label print. The program automatically pads the initial number with leading zeros to create the nine digit barcode.

Following the license plate label application, the outside integrator’s middleware software scans the license plate label and sends the appropriate order and shipping information to FOX IV’s TwinPrint® dual sided shipping label/packing slip label print and apply system and each box is labeled according to order.

This solution enabled the customer to streamline the shipping lines by eliminating a workstation at each line and combining the shipping label/packing slip process into one – eliminating additional equipment and expenses associated with it.  Additionally, 55% of the shipping label waste is repurposed as the packing list, eliminating it from the waste stream.

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