Adhesive Manufacturer

A large manufacturer of adhesives wanted FOX IV to design and manufacture a label printing station that could easily be inserted into their production lines.

Each station consisted of a powered belt conveyor, a label printer applicator mounted on a stand, a rugged industrial terminal with an interface card, a bar code scanner for checking the bar codes after they were applied, an eject mechanism, a gravity roller conveyor for accumulating rejected cartons, and a fault warning system.

FOX IV provided a complete turnkey system that included the printing stations and a local area network that interfaced, depending on the plant, up to 10 of the stations. The network connected each label printing station to a central PC. The PC contained the product information and label database that was accessed by the operators during production.

As the cartons moved down the powered conveyor, a FOX IV label printer applicator would print and automatically apply an identification label to the side of the carton. The information to be printed is accessed by the operator from the central PC. Each label contains a bar code that is scanned to check for two conditions: that a label is on the carton and that the bar code is scannable. In the event of a no-scan, the carton is automatically ejected onto the reject conveyor.

The fault warning system notified the operators of a low label or out of label condition, if there were multiple successive no scans, and when the reject conveyor was full.