Case Story: Compliance Labeling for the Wine Industry

Application:  Wine Case Compliance Labeling Wine Case Labeling - Compliance Labeling

Industry: Wine/Beverage

Application:  SCC bar code labeling to specified standards per US/Canada regulations incl. Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, multiple labels per case, labels sizes and case sizes; post-apply label verification; segregation of rejected cases.  Throughput rate of 15 – 20 shipping containers/minute.

Project rational: A winery wished to label its cases of bottled wine with product ID and to comply with specific United States and Canadian labeling requirements, including the restrictive and specific Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) regulations.  All regulations governed the size and placement of labels and bar codes or other information required to ship wines to certain locales.  Labels had to be printed, applied to two adjacent sides of each case, and verified upon application. (In some cases more than one label had to be applied to one side.)  Due to varying case sizes and label placement requirements the winery required flexibility and versatility in its labeling system.  Case materials included cardboard and wood.  Additionally, the system needed to be compatible with the label design software currently in use.

Why FOX IV:  The customer chose FOX IV due to their software expertise and custom integration capabilities.


  • 3 powered roller conveyor sections totaling about 35 feet including a 90 degree curved section; tapered rollers in curved section
  • 5 foot gravity reject conveyor
  • PLC Controller and 3 Emergency Stop stations
  • 3- FOX IV 2000 Standard Print and Apply labelers; Two with adjacent panel applicators (Repeater), One with an 8″ tamp cylinder
  • Mounting stands
  • 3 – solid state laser diode scanners with photo detectors for bar code label verification
  • 2 standard and one custom mounting stand
  • System could be fully integrated with customer-provided PC and LoftWare label design software

Wine Labeling Station

FOX IV designed a custom conveyor system consisting of straight and curved power roller conveyor sections and a straight section of gravity conveyor with a reject station.  The conveyor was designed to skew, or justify, the product case to the right side of the conveyor and keep it in that position through the labeling process.  In the curved section tapered rollers were provided to maintain the right-side justification through the curve.  The design of the roller skew in the straight sections allowed for adjustments to the direction of the skew, if necessary, in the future

Three FOX IV 2000 Standard Label Printer applicators were provided each with unique label size/placement options to optimize versatility in labeling.  The 2000S Label Printer Applicator is based on a Datamax print engine.  Two units (one for 4 X 6-inch labels and one for 4 X 2-inch labels) were fitted with custom designed FOX IV Repeaters to enable two-sided label placement with either or both units. The first print and apply labeler with Repeater was a front-apply unit for a 4 X 6-inch label.  The second print and apply labeler with Repeater (4 X 2 labels) was a front and side apply “nose up” unit with a custom mounting base.  The third unit (4 x 6 labels) was a side apply unit fitted with a standard 8-inch Swing-Away cylinder that allows easy access to the print head.  The system also included three retroreflective photo sensors to locate the boxes for proper label placement.

In some cases the required label data would not fit on the 4X 6 label.  This necessitated the use of an additional 4 X 2 label for the bar code only.  The descriptive 4 X 6 inch label was printed and applied, and then the bar code was printed on the 4 X 2 inch label and applied in the appropriate locations on the case.

Following label application, the labels were scanned.  If a bar code was readable it was rejected and guided from the main conveyor line to the 5-foot gravity reject conveyor for further handling.   If readable, the case was conveyed down the line.

Customer Benefits:

  • Ability to meet requirements of various markets
  • Reduced Labor Costs





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