Five Ways your Labeling System is Like Your Car

Your labeling system is like your car

I know, I know!  A Label Printer, Label Printer Applicator or Label Applicator is an obscure piece of packaging equipment and your car is, well, your car.  But, there are many things that the two have in common.

1.)  Your car is an investment – so is your labeling equipment!

Cars are a big investment.  You research what works best for you and your individual requirements.  You make sure that the car meets your needs.  Likewise, you should research your labeling equipment options to make sure the equipment, software, etc. meets your company’s needs.  When you choose a labeling system, its an investment in your company – to increase throughput speeds, meet compliance requirements, and ensure goods get to where they need to go.

2.)  Like your car, your labeling system is invaluable.

You need your car for transportation.  Your car gets you where you want to go.  It also reflects your identity and personality.  A labeling system gives your product its identity (product labels) and gets your product where it needs to go (think shipping and pallet labels).  Could you survive for long without your mode of transportation?  Could your company survive without its labeling system?

3.) You need to maintain your car to keep it working properly.  You need to maintain your labeling system to keep it working properly too.

You wouldn’t buy a new car and never change the oil, fluids, brakes or belts, would you?  Then why wouldn’t you maintain your labeling equipment?  Labeling equipment requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them running at peak performance…just like your car.  Cleaning off the print head , rollers and applicator pads with approved cleaning solutions can help keep printing clear and crisp and labels applying smoothly.  Regularly inspecting gears and belts for wear as well as keeping the unit calibrated and clean also help maintain your investment.

4.)  Running your car properly keeps it in excellent condition.  The same goes with your labeling equipment!

We’ve all had the urge to floor it, occasionally.  But, flooring  the gas pedal and using the brake only to maintain your speed would be crazy.  You’d wear out your brakes and tires pretty quickly! It’s just as crazy to crank up heat and air settings on your labeling equipment. Excessive heat on the print head burns the print head out prematurely.  Excessive air setting can cause air cylinders to hit too hard, jarring the equipment electronics and potentially damaging the application cylinder. Like your car, each piece of labeling equipment has recommended, or factory, settings, and are usually set prior to the equipment shipping.  Deviating too much from these settings can definitely cause equipment issues.

5.) Using the correct supplies keeps your car running smoothly.  Using the correct labeling supplies keeps your production running smoothly.

So, your car manufacturer recommends full synthetic oil for your car, but you choose to use conventional oil instead.  What effect does this have on your car anyway?  It seems to run just fine.  In reality, your engine may not be protected and have premature parts wear.  The same goes for your label and ribbon supplies.  Using inferior label or ribbon supplies that are cheap and convenient may cause premature wear on the labeling print head, sensors and rollers.  When in doubt, contact your equipment supplier or reputable label converter to see what works best for your type of equipment.

So, there you have it!  Your labeling equipment IS like your car.  Now, if we could only get drive through service!


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