Environmental Enclosures

Protect your Labeling Equipment

Environmental enclosures are a necessity for some applications such as washdown and extreme temperature environments. From basic dust protection to fully sealed units with heating and air conditioning, there is a way to protect your labeling unit from most any environmental condition and to maximize your label and labeler life. FOX IV has a range of enclosures to protect your FOX IV labeler from environmental hazards. Enclosurer units are installed in dairy facilities, food processing plants, freezer environments, warehouses with extreme temperature changes, carbon black plants and many other facilities that require enclosures. Your FOX IV representative can help you find the right enclosure for your labeling application.

Environmental Enclosures - Dairy
Environmental Enclosures - Carton


Types of Enclosures:

  • Dust and Airborne particulate matter
  • Washdown
  • Freezer and low temperature
  • Extreme heat
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations

Enclosure Options:

  • Built-in industrial touch-screen HMI
  • Key locks
  • Heating/AC units
  • Warning Beacons and Alarms