Custom Labeling Systems

Unique Applications Call For Custom Labeling Systems

FOX IV’s tag line, “We Solve the Tough Ones…Globally,” is a well earned one. FOX IV has the reputation and ability to take on unique labeling applications and solve them with grace. With our in-house mechanical, electrical and software engineering staff, the tough labeling applications come to life. Over the years, FOX IV has labeled the inside of a coil of steel, the top of a pallet of glass bottles, and the underside of molding as well as solar panels, industrial pipe and tubing, rail and 55 gallon drums. We have integrated vision systems, light curtains, weigh scales and touch-screen computers into our labeling systems. Material handling, software integration, robotics and conveying systems are all withing the scope of FOX IV’s abilities to solve “the tough ones.”

Additionally, what may be custom for another labeling company may be a standard product for FOX IV. For example, FOX IV has the ability to print and apply very large labels – up to 8.5″ x 17″. Other companies may suggest using two smaller labels to accomplish this labeling application, but FOX IV has standard products that meet the requirement.

When you have a labeling application that may be a bit out of the ordinary and not “off the shelf,” contact FOX IV to how our labeling experts can craft a solution to meet your custom labeling requirements.

Custom steel coil labeling system
Custom shock absorber label wrap


Custom Labeling Solutions may include:

  • FOX IV Label Printer Applicator
  • FOX IV Label Applicator
  • Custom Application Method
  • Robotics
  • Software Integration
  • Custom Material Handling