6984RFM RFID Print and Apply for Metal Application Tags

The 6984RFM RFID Tag Print/Encode/Apply is designed for use with RFID tags with closed cell foam construction such as those used for tagging metal products.  The specially designed 6984RFM enables surface printing to be done on demand at the same time as the RFID tag is encoded, ensuring information matching and serialization with immediate application to the product.  Quality, durable print is achieved by matching the thermal transfer ribbon to the polyester tag face stock, creating a high contrast print for bar codes, logos, and text.

Closed cell foam RFID Tags as small as 2.75″ x .75″ with thickness of 42- 47 mils can be printed, encoded,  and applied such as GS1, EPC Class1, Gen 2 UHF RFID tags.  This includes tags with the Alien Higgs 3 chip or Impinj R6P chip for 902-928 MHz frequencies. In addition to metal products these tags can be used for other products including wood and plastics.

The 6984RFM print and apply system can accept SATO and Zebra encoding and data streams as well as communication from major label design packages for the designing, encoding, and printing of the tags.

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