Automate GHS Labeling with NEW Tandem II

Hands-off GHS labeling!Tandem2_cutout_72

With GHS standards for manufacturers now in place and regulations for distributors approaching, it’s time for a new approach to GHS labeling – fully automated GHS print and apply.  The NEW Tandem II Label Printer-Applicator from FOX IV is your solution to one-step GHS labeling.

The Tandem II eliminates multi-step GHS label printing processes by combining the print and apply process into one robust system.  No more printing and rewinding then transferring to a label applicator and no more hand-applying! The Tandem II works like traditional print and apply labeling systems with one distinct advantage – two print stations.  One print station is dedicated to the RED printing requirements of the GHS label, such as the red pictogram diamonds,  while the second station prints the balance of the information including the pictograms, warnings and product information.  Two-color GHS labels are printed on-demand and automatically applied to the corresponding product.

Reliable construction.

The Tandem II is built in the USA by FOX IV using industry leading printing technology from Zebra Technologiesno proprietary print heads or unique data streams.  With either 6.7” or 8.5” wide printing versions, the Tandem II prints and applies two-color labels from 3″ up to 24″ long.  Designed to FOX IV’s high standards, it can handle continuous operation in industrial and warehouse environments.  Of course, the Tandem II also includes FOX IV user-friendly features such as printed label and ribbon paths,  Swing-Away Cylinder assembly (for units with cylinder application), easy to access and use controls, and external pressure adjustments.

Easy to integrate.

The Tandem II features an Allen-Bradley PLC control system, modular print engine and large 4.3″ diagonal full color HMI.  With its bi-directional communication through an addressable Ethernet I/O, integrating the Tandem II is seamless. The Warehouse Control System can pull information directly from the Tandem II PLC controller through the Ethernet network allowing remote monitoring and data collection.  It can also be run with a PC as a stand-alone labeling system.  Additionally, customer specific PLC tags can be written and included in data outputs.

How do you want to stick it?ZTandem_Label2

Pallet, product, 55 gallon drum?  No problem!  FOX IV has an application solution for anything that you want to label.  The Tandem II can wipe, tamp, tamp-blow and even apply labels with swiveled vacuum belt for drums.

The Tandem II will be a featured unit on FOX IV’s Pack Expo Las Vegas Booth, #S-6101, in September 2015.

FOX IV Technologies, Inc., designed and manufactured their first two-color printer-applicator circa 2003.  The original Tandem print and apply  was an Intermec based unit with two print stations capable of printing two-colors,  security holograms and UV codes, or selective digital lamination.

FOX IV Technologies, Inc. offers a full line of label printers and applicators, ribbons, labels, enclosures, printing supplies and services, material handling equipment and software solutions in order to provide fully integrated turnkey automated identification systems.  The company integrates more than 25 tabletop printers and OEM print modules into rugged label printer applicators capable of operating 24/7 in a wide variety manufacturing environments.  Known internationally for innovative designs, quality construction and customized solutions, FOX IV is located approximately 20 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA.


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