New 5610 Has Features Not Available on Other Zebra-Based Label Print and Apply Systems

The NEW 5610 Label Print and Apply System from FOX IV is a unicorn amongst a herd of Zebras. Due to the unique design of the system, the 5610 is able to offer features that not available in other Zebra print and apply labeling systems.

The 5610 is built utilizing Zebra’s very latest label printing technology. This enables FOX IV to incorporate features of this technology into a rugged, reliable label print and apply. One of the unique features of the 5610 is the option to have a 600 dpi print resolution. For anyone printing onto very small labels, using foreign characters, or printing pharmaceutical track and trace codes, having a higher resolution print can make a huge difference in the readability or scanability of the print. Print and apply systems utilizing Zebra’s OEM module, only have a maximum resolution of 300 dpi. The 5610 is available in either 203, 300, or 600 dpi versions.

Another feature unique to the 5610 is the Link-OS operating system from Zebra. Because the 5610 uses this operating system, a range of Zebra solutions are available including document design, device integration and management, as well as virtual devices. One of the most useful virtual devices available is Print from PDF. The 5610 with the PDF virtual device can print label formats directly from PDF files without the use of middleware.

Additionally, the 5610 features two USB host ports for file transfer and external devices, such as keyboards, a color LCD screen with icon navigation and color status LEDs. Quick change printheads, color coded components, and a single knob label sensor adjustment are all standard.

The 5610 can print labels up to 4.25″ wide. For wider labels up to 6.75″ wide, its sister unit, the 5620 is offered. The 5620 offers all of the same features as the 5610 with the exception of the 600 dpi print resolution.