QROMA™ System Improves Parts Ordering

Today too much time is spent identifying the correct part information, processing the order, and can be subject to scams.  FOX IV ‘s patent pending QROMATM technology provides an opportunity for companies to effectively, efficiently, and securely order parts, inventory, and supplies directly from the shop floor, the field, or a fulfillment center.

QROMA™ parts ordering system from FOX IV makes accurate and secure parts ordering simple.
QROMA™ as part of equipment HMI

QROMATM is a fast, easy, and digitally secure method for generating a purchase order using a QR code and a smart phone, such as an Apple iPhone, or a device that can read a QR code. The QROMATM code contains the email address for the orders, the correct item number, and a description of the item.

If using an iPhone or iPad, the person doing the ordering selects the camera function on the phone and focuses the camera on the QROMA™ code. No photo need be taken. After capturing the code, a message will appear, “Compose an email to orders@ foxiv.com“, with the email icon. When you press the email icon, the email will appear on the screen with the correct ordering information. The person can edit the order if desired or just send the email for processing. 

Order security is insured by a multifactor authentication process that only accepts orders from and sends acknowledgements to approved email addresses.  To provide a secure transaction, the supplier’s – in this example FOX IV Technologies’ – order entry system contains a confidential customer specified profile of the authentication process for a QROMATM order. Valid email addresses and the order acknowledgment process are part of the QROMATM profile. Orders from invalid email addresses are rejected. Every customer is able to define their desired authentication process and the response before the order is shipped. 

The QROMATM code can be located on the part itself, the packaging, on a digital HMI screen, or a storage rack. 

The advantages of QROMATM : 

• Fast, easy, and secure method for ordering parts, inventory, or supplies over the internet

• Approved personnel can immediately place orders from the plant floor, the field, or a fulfillment center

• Personnel will order the correct item

• Process includes the supplier having a confidential profile for every customer for authenticating that it is a legitimate order

• Option to have additional authentication/approvals

For a sample ordering email using QROMA™, scan the QROMA code below:

QROMA™ Code for Website Demo
QROMA™ Code – Website Demo