TwinPrint™ Reaches 50 Million Label Milestone

Dual Packing Slip/Shipping Label System Racking Up Savings for Customers

twinprintFOX IV’s award winning TwinPrint™ system has saved companies hundreds of hours of manpower by automatically printing and applying the shipping label and the packing slip in one process while eliminating  shipping label/packing slip mismatch.  Recently, a major milestone was reached by FOX IV’s TwinPrint™:  To date, over 50 million dual shipping label/packing slips have been printed and automatically applied to carton and packages by the innovative TwinPrint™ automated shipping label/packing slip system for use in the supply chain.

In addition to increasing end-of-line processing times and reducing errors, FOX IV’s TwinPrint™ has eliminated millions of plastic  sleeves and sheets of paper normally used for the packing slip helping companies to become more efficient and sustainable.  By repurposing the label liner as the packing slip the FOX IV TwinPrint™  has removed over 1 billion sq in of label liner from the waste stream…. and that number is growing every day!

The patented FOX IV TwinPrint™ system puts an end to printing, folding, stuffing and applying packing slips and shipping labels by hand. FOX IV automates the entire process while ensuring that the shipping address label always matches the packing slip.  The automated TwinPrint™ process increases production times over traditional packing slip processes and eliminates over 60% of the label liner waste.

Designed for distribution and fulfillment centers, the FOX IV TwinPrint System consists of a family of printers and printer applicators with two printheads to print both the shipping information and a confidential packing slip on a single label. The shipping address is printed on the top label; the packing slip is printed on the label liner. The liner is die-cut such that it remains with the label and provides a protective secure adhesive perimeter around the label.  Once applied to the carton, the packing slip information on the printed liner remains confidential and provides tamper-evident protection during shipping. The packing slip is accessed by simply tearing a zipper strip.

The TwinPrint™ system is the winner of the MHI’s  2013 Innovation Award for Best Innovation of an Existing Product.