5600 Series Zebra Based Print and Apply

For companies preferring Zebra printers and with automated labeling applications requiring visual clarity, small text and graphics, or very small labels, the NEW 5610 label print and apply system from FOX IV Technologies comes to the rescue with 600 dpi print resolution.

Crisp 600 dpi printing is must for certain applicationsLabels smaller than 1.2″ x 1/8″, labels with 2D barcodes less than 3/10′ x 3/10″, and labels containing text and symbols less than a 6 point font or Asian character less than a 10 point font, are all ideal applications for high resolution 600 dpi printing.  Circuit board labels, pharmaceutical labels, medical tracking labels, and electronics labels can fall into this category.

The fact that the 5610 is a Zebra based print and apply with the 600 dpi printing capability makes it unique amongst its competition.  The majority of Zebra based print and apply systems on the market, including FOX IV’s 6950 series, utilize Zebra’s OEM print engines, which can print up to a maximum 300 dpi.  The 5610, however, utilizes the latest in Zebra printing technology to go beyond the 300 dpi printing threshold for those applications requiring the higher resolution.

Other features of the 5610 include a large, icon based,  7″ full color HMI, two USB host ports,  16″ OD label roll capacity for high volume applications, large ribbon capacity, and optional RFID encoding. The FOX IV 5610 is also available in 203 dpi and 300 dpi versions.

View 5600 Series Datapage