Labeling Newspaper Bundles

A large west coast newspaper company needed 16 label printer applicators to print and apply a distribution label to the top of newspaper bundles. The bundles had a 14” range in height, from 5” to 19”. The company did not want the label application pad to touch the bundle for fear of damaging the top sheet.

FOX IV’s solution was a Model 2000 standard label printer applicator with tamp blow pad and our random stroke option. The Model 2000 Standard label printer applicator uses a Datamax printer with a 16” supply roll to minimize label roll changes.

As the newspaper bundles are conveyed past the label printer applicator, the applicator arm extends to just above the bundle and, using compressed air, blows the label on to the top newspaper sheet. FOX IV’s random stroke option automatically compensates for the unlimited number of height variations of the bundle within the 5” to 19” window.

FOX IV’s random stroke option is capable of printing and applying labels to packages or products that can vary as much as 30”.