6900 Series PLC Based Label Printer Applicator

The NEW FOX IV 6900 Series PLC based print and apply – thoughtfully designed to make integration and operation simple and stress -free.

The FOX IV 6900 printer-applicator features an Allen-Bradley PLC control system, modular print engine and large 4.3″ diagonal full color user interface.  With its addressable Ethernet I/O, the need for a discreet I/O package is eliminated.  The PLC controller makes integrating into WCS seamless.  The WCS can pull information directly from the FOX IV 6900’s PLC controller through the Ethernet network allowing remote monitoring and data collection.  It can also be run with a PC as a stand-alone labeling system.

Feature Packed.6950_B

The large, full color display, along with the many FOXfirst™ user-friendly features, makes the FOX IV 6900 an operator’s ideal.  The display is easily visible with intuitive controls and functions, graphical displays of operating function and warnings/faults.   The large label roll, screened media paths, Swing-Away cylinder and precision construction make the 6900 simple to run and maintain.


The 6900 can be equipped with any of the modular print and apply print engines – Zebra, SATO or Datamax – for quick engine swaps and increased uptime.  A variety of application methods are available for the 6900 including standard tamp, tamp-blo, blow-on, wipe-on and two panel applicators as well as custom application methods.  Additional options include material handling and system integration, custom software, environmental enclosures and stands.

With ease of integration, operator friendly features, the FOX IV 6900 is perfect for warehouse and distribution center operations such as  incoming routing labeling, shipping labeling, or product labeling.