NEW Scribe Screen Printing System for Batch Case Identification

See the New Scribe Digital Screen Printing System at FOX IV’s Pack Expo 2013 Booth #C-2500!

Clear, Crisp Batch Printing for  Cases is now here!  The Scribe printing system provides high quality, high density print for product identification and promotional printing purposes.  This simple to use system enables short run screen printing (less than 3000 runs) of cases and cartons.  You design and print your own digital screen utilizing the innovative scribe screen material, attach it to the printing cylinder, prep the system and PRINT!    Designs up to 6″ x 16″ inches can be accommodated with print speeds from 20 – 120 feet per minute (6-36 meters/minute).

scribe printer finished print

Create high quality batch specific case identification with the Scribe printer.

High Quality Printing!

Depending on your labeling software and printing device, you can achieve print resolutions up to 600 dpi.  You can also print linear and 2D barcodes, batch codes, text and graphics making your message a reflection of your company as well as giving you the variable batch printing properties that you need.

Cleaning Optional! 

The special pigmented emulsion ink dries almost instantly and will never dry out in the printing cylinder, so you avoid the need to clean!  The ink is available in black, red, green and blue 1 liter pouches, adding a little color to your  product if you choose.

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