Mixed Product, Mixed Pallet Labeling

Custom Software:  Pallet Identification and Labeling

For this application, the customer merged two product lines into one palletizing line.  They needed to identify which production line the pallet came from as well as the size/type of pallet – a full pallet, split pallet, or last pallet in a production run.

FOX IV supplied a custom software along with a label printer-applicator and label printer.  Initially, data is entered for the products running on lines A and B.  As the pallet enters the labeling area, a PLC sends data via a TCP/IP socket to the FOX IV PC application.  This data includes the line the pallet came from and the type of pallet.  For a split pallet, multiple batch codes and quantities must be printed on the label.  For end-of-run pallets, the label is printed at the desktop label printer instead of the printer-applicator since the pallet may only have a few products on it and the printer-applicator would not be able to label it.