VIDEO: TwinPrint® Table Top Printer

The TwinPrint® table top printer can more than double your fulfillment throughput over a traditional one-sided label printer.  By printing the matching packing slip information onto the liner side of the label, you eliminate the need to match, insert or fold, stuff, peel and place a separate packing slip.  This can move your throughput rates from about 2 per minute to 5 per minute.

The TwinPrint® table top printer comes in two sizes – the standard 6″ x 8″ label which accommodates the standard 4″ x 6″ shipping label, or an extended version, the MOD 12, that extends the label size to 12″ for shippers needing more space on either the shipping label side (for internal bar codes, shipping information), or the packing list side.  There is also an automated print and apply version of the TwinPrint® for automated shipping lines.

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