Label Applicators


The 1014 and 1016 Label Applicators are designed for rugged industrial environments with throughput rates of up to seventy applications per minute. The automatic labelers are built on the foundation of FOX IV’s Standard-sized printer applicators, giving them a large 16-inch OD label supply roll while being durable, reliable and easy to use.

Built modularly, the 1014 and 1016 labeling systems primary components are designed to be easily swapped out to minimize maintenance times and troubleshooting while maximizing uptime and production throughput.

The large label 1018 Label Applicator can apply labels up to 9″ wide using various application methods. This unit is ideal for drum, pallet, and large product labeling.

FOX IV Apply Only Labeling Systems



  • Positive-Pressure Rear Cabinet
  • Swing-Away Application Cylinder
  • Slide-Away Rear and Top Panels
  • Screen-Printed Media Paths
  • Rugged 24/7 Duty Cycle