Honeywell and Honeywell Intermec Print and Apply

NOTICE: Due to Honeywell’s discontinuation of the PXie series printers, FOX IV is not taking orders for new systems at this time.

FOX IV’s Honeywell based label print and apply systems deliver outstanding performance for high-volume print and apply applications. Their intelligent  printing system adds flexibility and convenience by eliminating the need for a PC on the line.

Recognized for durability and reliability, FOX IV’s Honeywell based industrial label printer applicators offer error-proof labeling, programmability, advanced networking connectivity and security, as well as RFID printing with customizable label application options.  For industry-leading performance, FOX IV’s Honeywell  print and apply systems are the smart choice.

FOX IV Intermec Print and Apply Models:

NOTE:  These models are discontinued by FOX IV.  We will continue to support them as long as parts are available.  If you currently have an Intermec based system and are in need of repair or a new print and apply, please contact FOX IV at 724-387-3500.

FOX IV Honeywell Print and Apply Models:

Honeywell print and apply


Why Choose a Honeywell or Honeywell Intermec printer based label printer applicator from FOX IV?

  • Convenience of an all -in one print module
  • Eliminate the need for a PC on-line
  • Choice of print engine widths – 4″ or 6″
  • Mini or Standard Body Sizes
  • Reliable, round the clock performance
  • Standardization on Honeywell or Intermec label printer engine and spare parts
  • Flexibility in integration and application options
  • 12″ or large 16″ OD label roll capability