SCOOP 6 Tag Print and Place

Print Tags for Bulk Bag Products 

For producers of bulk bagged goods, the SCOOP 6 is the best solution for printing custom formulation tags. The SCOOP 6 automatically prints, cuts, and transfers tags to industrial bag sewing systems or other tag handling devices.  Each tag can have unique product information, sequential numbers, linear and 2D bar codes.  Tags can be printed and placed up to 30/minute.

Great Features Make It the One to Use.

The SCOOP 6’s versatile, SATO modular print engine can print a maximum tag width of 6” with lengths from 7″- 12”. Print resolutions of 203 dpi and 305 dpi are available.  Printing can be direct thermal or thermal transfer at speeds up to 14 inches per second. Because the print engine is modular, it can be easily swapped to maintain system uptime.

Additionally, the SCOOP 6 is easy to adapt to varying production lines.  The variable speed motor control of the guide rollers allows for fine tuning the tag transfer speeds – up to 80 fpm – to match to feed bag sewing systems input speeds and the rugged industrial stand permits easy height adjustments as well as the ability to adjust the tag transfer angle to the bag feeder.

The system features a large tag roll capacity,  to maximize throughput between roll changes, and a hardened steel guillotine cutter for longer life and precision cuts.


The SCOOP 6 is ideal for any bulk bagging operation, but particularly useful where customized formulations of the product are required such as in animal feed, chemicals, or grain processing.

Tag Print and Place for Bulk Bagging


  • SATO print module – easy maintenance & repairs
  • Precise guillotine cutter – fast, sharp cutting
  • Integrates with most popular bulk bag sewing system
  • Tag sizes up to 6″ W x 12″ L
  • Up to 30 tags/minute
  • Variable speed feed motor
  • Large tag roll capacity