Product Notification: Label Storage Conditions

Extreme Storage Conditions Will Negatively Affect Pressure Sensitive Labels

In order to keep your labels and labeling equipment operating properly, care must be taken with the storage of your pressure sensitive labels. Extreme temperatures (either high or low), extreme humidity, dust or dirt can affect the performance of your labels and potentially your labeling equipment.

If proper storage conditions are not met, the labels may not peel properly, may fall off the liner, or not adhere properly to your product/substrate. Additionally, any dirt or dust that accumulates on the label or label roll edge can lead to premature wear of your equipment print head and/or rollers.

Please be sure you are following the following the conditions:

IMPORTANT: Store Pressure Sensitive Labels

• at Temperatures between 60-80°F

• at Humidity Range of 50-60%

• Keep labels protected from dust and dirt.

Labeling supplies stored outside these conditions are subject to failure. DO NOT store labels in an uncontrolled environment.

Questions regarding this notification can be directed to:
Debra Balbo
Inside Sales – Labels & Ribbons