NEW TwinPrint® Mod 6 – Updated Design

Automating Packing Slips Even Easier with TwinPrint® Mod 6

FOX IV Technologies’ award winning TwinPrint® automated packing slip/shipping label system just got even better. The NEW Mod6 version incorporates several new features that make using and maintaining the TwinPrint® even easier!

The new Mod 6 has added a redesigned label path, which eliminates a series of rollers, to provide easier label loading and reduction of label memory. This allows operators to quickly reload labels for an overall reduction in downtime. The TwinPrint® Mod6 also features a simpler calibration method that enables calibration of both the top and bottom print engine as well as an improved air control system for faster cylinder cycling times.

In addition to these external new features, FOX IV has simplified the electronics and mechanics for easier servicing and maintenance.

The TwinPrint® has always been a great solution for automating the shipping label/packing slip process,” says Rick Fox III, FOX IV’s Director of Engineering. “With the new features in the Mod6, we have redesigned specific elements based on customer feedback to provide a solution that is even easier for to use, service and maintain.

As with previous versions, the new TwinPrint® Mod 6 provides a cost effective, efficient system that prints both the shipping label and a covert packing slip onto one label. This eliminates up to 60% of label liner waste as well as the additional costs of separate packing slips, plastic pouches, and the labor involved in preparing the packing slip. The TwinPrint® Mod6 is available for use with our standard TwinPrint® labels, Duplexpackslip® labels or NCR’s 2ST™ labels, for ribbon-less, data secure, applications.

Key benefits include:

• Reduced Downtime: With simpler label paths, improved electronics and mechanics, faster cylinder cycling, and reduced label memory, the TwinPrint® Mod6 increases production rates and equipment uptime.

• More Cost Effective: TwinPrint® printer-applicators eliminate separate packing slips or promotional pieces and packing slip envelopes, increases production time by combining two processes in one, and eliminate errors due to information mismatches.

• Less Waste: TwinPrint® printer-applicators eliminate up to 60% of label liner waste. They also eliminate the cost of plastic packing slip envelopes as well as the waste generated from their liners.

• Greater Data Security: When a ribbon is used, the information printed with the ribbon is visible on the spent ribbon. TwinPrint® Print and Apply with 2ST™ technology printer-applicators eliminate the ribbon thereby eliminating the risk that customer information can be stolen by reading the used thermal transfer ribbon. Additionally, matching the shipping information to packing slip information is guaranteed.


FOX IV Technologies, Inc., has been an innovator in the automated labeling and coding industry for over 30 years. They offer a full line of label printers and applicators, ribbons, labels, enclosures, printing supplies and services, material handling equipment and software solutions in order to provide fully integrated turnkey automated identification systems. Additionally, FOX IV is a full service label converter with the ability to provide blank labels for secondary labeling as well as partial printed and full-color printed primary labels. With both equipment and supply expertise, FOX IV is known internationally for innovative designs, quality construction and customized solutions. FOX IV is located approximately 20 miles east of Pittsburgh, PA.

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