Warning/Fault and Safety Systems Options


Ensuring the safety of your operators with warning/fault systems.

Warning/Fault options as well as safety devices are options for every system that FOX IV offers. System warnings and faults can be displayed visually with a warning/fault beacon package where one beacon color is designated for system warnings, like low label conditions, and another is used for system faults like ribbon out or printhead open. Warning/fault beacons can be attached to environmental enclosures as well as to the labeler itself or even remotely from the system. Audible alarms can also be used to alert operators to system conditions or operations such as an applicator enclosure door closing. Additionally, our 6900 Allen-Bradley PLC based label printer applicator can be configured to send messages to directly to WCS systems without additional I/O and is even able to text operators/supervisors if the system should go into fault.

Over the years, FOX IV has installed many different types of safety stops for our labeling systems. The most common is the emergency stop button. Other safety devices include pressure sensitive safety floor mats, safety switches in printer guards and enclosure/equipment locks.

Ask our system experts about designing a safety system for your labeling application.



Warning/Fault Systems

  • Multi-colored light beacon
  • Audible warning alarm
  • Text message (6900 Series)

Safety Systems

  • Emergency stop button
  • Safety switches on print engine cover/guards
  • Enclosure or equipment locks
  • Shut-off switch floor mat